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I was 17 when I first saw “Brother Sun & Sister Moon” and it moved me more ┬áthan anything I had ever seen before or have seen since. I taped it with an ordinary old fashioned cassette player pressed up the TV and over and over again I played the tape (complete with the door bell ringing or someone coughing outside the room!) over and over again. It said everything I wanted to say.

Time and time again throughout the past 3 decades I have returned to that old cassette and still, after all this time, though it sounds rather wobbly now, it raises the same feelings of innocence, transparency, and the real beauty of the soul. At 17 I spoke of it to teachers who said it is ‘merely Hollywood’ and to lecturers (I studied theology – though it taught me nothing!!) and they smiled in a kindly but not really helpful way. “If the purpose of life if this loveless toil we fill our days with, then it’s not for me. There must be something better. There has to be. Man is a spirit…he has a soul and that is what I want to recapture: my soul! I want to climb trees, swim rivers, feel the firm clasp of the earth beneath my feet, without shoes, without clothes….a beggar…yes! Christ was a beggar…”

Some of the theologians argued that man isn’t spirit; and some of the lecturers with whom I spoke said, “It’s just an ideal.” It left me wondering sometimes, why did people preach one thing, but then when you believe it, tell you it can’t be done or it’s just an ideal or a dream and ‘you have to be practical’ ? Well in the 30 + years since first seeing it, my belief in it has never gone away. Sometimes it has been dimmed or hidden or obscured and sometimes I have almost forgotten it, but it’s still there like a dearest friend.

It took a long time to realise that Christ was nothing like a beggar – on the contrary, abundance is the natural way of being for all of us; but I believe in everything else in this beautiful extract and no argument in the world can change that. It just speaks directly to the heart and soul and I love it…as I do, this beautiful scene….which is beyond lovely:


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